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Superman Red Son Movie Download superman red son movie release date is 25 February The work done with the film “Superman: Red Son” is the work of director Sam Liu, a constant in DC animations,

having done so far works such as “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” and “Batman: The Killing Joke”.

The adaptation script was worked by the veteran writer JM De Matteis himself who has made an eminent career in the communique field working for several companies. And writing scripts for television series throughout the last decades.

Despite the efforts of Liu and De Matteis to keep the essence of the story in the almost 80 minutes long , many elements that made the “Red Son” comic were not really missed, not only an alternative elseworld story.

But reinterpreted In a very intimate way, the mythology of Superman himself and the universe that surrounded him demonstrating that regardless of

the context or history in which he is, it will always be the virtues of the last son of Krypton that will last with him and his mythical figure.

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Superman Red Son Movie Review

Superman, or “Soviet Superman” as he is called several times in the film, is a very poor protagonist for me due to the adaptation’s decision to take away certain nuances.

That he has in the comic in his convictions for bringing the image to the world.And similarity of his communist ideals, having very few moments to show different nuances that enrich his character.

Another character that is not properly carried is Lex-Luthor ,making the script of the story excessively favors him in his machinations that little or nothing.

Superman can do to keep up with his rival. Wonder Woman sees her role in the story affected by a relentless anti-man speech that ultimately reduces any sympathy for the character.

The relationship Superman & wonder-women between the characters and the conspiracies for power are also wasted. The passage between generations does not get to feel complete either.

In conclusion, “Superman: Red Son” does not have the magic necessary to create a complete animation film that does justice to the original work,

resulting in a work that does not fully exploit the potential it can deliver.
This being a bump that in recent times the productions animated DC continues to suffer as was also

“Batman: Hush” in mid-2019. For know more about this movie watch superman red son now

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